first entry


I found myself wondering one day on my way to my grandparents house*4 plus hours through the Ozark mountains* where my “drive to drive” came from. It isn’t that my parents are turtles, my mother has a very heavy foot, but the more I thought the more I started to wonder if I’m part of the dying breed of people that love to just drive. I’m not talking about the people that don’t mind driving, but the very few people that find the exhaust note of a car a better soundtrack to there day than any music ever produced. There isn’t a drug on the market that can give me the rush of adrenaline I get when I hear my turbo spool after a clean downshift.

Alright heres the start to what is hopefully a frequently updated blog. Most of what I write about will be automotive related and will eventually begin to lean towards modification as my Subaru(which will be mentioned through out my blog) goes under the knife.


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